Welcome to the UDC—an intergalactic competition that is organized, monitored, and sanctioned by the Universal Dominion (Universal Government).

This competition brings warriors from all over Zeiden, each with different motivations to do battle; to settle disputes, for the money and fame, others compete to represent the strength of their native race and planet, and some even battle just for the sake of competition. Here warriors from all planets and all galaxies within the Zeiden universe fight to near death in monitored and broadcasted combat which occurs both within and outside of the cuboid.

It has become a universal syndicated sensation. These warriors are commonly called "Hyper-nomers" for possessing a highly evolved genome that classifies them as super beings. Registered warriors are considered UD property and thus are above local planetary law and so fights can happen anywhere when two warriors are within 150 feet of each other; in a local fast food shop, on space vessels, asteroids, or seedy nightclubs. The UDC battles are no-holds-barred as each warrior possesses unique fighting styles, powers, and/or highly evolved genetic abilities native to their race or species.

In this 2D Fighter the player will help bring one of the final 8 contestants to glory against the current E-Class Champion. When the UD judges appear, the fight begins.