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You have been selected to prove your worth. The Architects of Ascension have tasked you to link the ends of the universe by creating a bridge across the cosmos of subspace. But they will not make it easy. You will have to demonstrate your prowess and speed by collecting power-ups and protecting your bridge chain from the explosions generated by the AOA.

Your ability to build a bridge is not in question; it is your ability to choose the right path that will prove that you have the intuition to become an AOA.

Iron Bridge provides a challenging game experience through more than 100 levels. A game of Persistence, luck, and split-second timing, Iron Bridge has two different modes of play and five difficulty levels. Play a quick game on your way to work or spend hours on the weekend passing your previous level. Dare your friends to beat your high score and push yourself beyond your own expectations. Are you persistent enough to outsmart the AOA and reach the goal? Play to find out.